The Racingpedalboxes RPBH001 handbrake presents an optimum design to be used as hydraulic handbrake in racing cars, drift cars, and rally cars.

The handbrake is manufactured with steel welded parts using a lightweight design to improve the stiffness – weight ratio.



- Reverse auctuating mechanism

-Designed for Wilwood or Girling master cylinders.

-Very robust and reliable design.

-Multiply ratio is 8:1.

-Ergonomic grip.

–Handbrake setting is made for the floor through four screws 6mm metric.

-The weight is 1,5 kg without master cylinder and 1,9 kg with master cylinder.

-Expandable with the addition of a brake pressure proportioning valve and/or brake line locking valve.

-All the components have anticorrosion coating to allow the maximum durability.


(Master cylinder not included)

RPBH002 Handbrake