Introducing the Project Nine over fender widebody flares.


Designed for all model years of 944, both naturally aspirated and turbo models.


These over fenders are the starting point for our modular widebody product line for the 944. Our other Project Nine program 944 widebody offerings are, and will be, designed to work in conjunction with these flares. Start with the flares and develop your build as needed.


The front flare adds 2.5" or 63.5mm

The rear flare adds 3" or 76.2mm


Four layer fiberglass construction with gelcoat. The fender flares will be delivered trimmed, primed, ready to cut the vent areas and fit to your chassis.


Reccomended wheel sizes

Please note: These measurements include the following allowances.

- A 12mm space is given between rim edge and inner fender lip for tire cantilever. (10mm tire sidewall, 2mm clearance)

- The inner fender lip measured 6mm when calculating the wheel offsets. If needed 3mm could be trimmed affording more room.


The chart includes wheels of different widths to suit individual needs.


                             Front             Rear     


Early of                 -4                 -32.5

Late offset          +7.5                 -17



Early offset          +9.5                -19

Late offset           +21                -3.5



Early offset          +22                -6.5

Late offset          +33.5               +9



Early offset             -                   +6

Late offset              -                  +21



Wheel diameters larger than 18" are not recommened if you intend to lower the ride height of your 944. Also note that when using an 18" wheel or larger slight rubbing may occur up front just before full lock dependent upon tire diameter and alignment specs.


Shipping and Handling:

This is how it works...Pay no shipping now, when your flares are ready to ship we'll give you a call and chat about the best shipping method for your area. Once your shipping carrier has been confirmed we can address the charges.

As your fenders are made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



Installation videos for the Project NIne flares will be coming to our Project Nine YouTube channel soon!

Porsche 944 Over Fender Widebody Flares