So, you want to make your 944 Chassis Mount Wing a Split Bumper setup?


Well, these are the pieces to make it happen. These Strakes are cut to work directly with our 944 Chassis Mount Wing Bracket for the split bumper configuration. Included are two individual strakes for the ends of the bracket, and a pair of two strakes joined with one another 5" apart. The two pair of strakes can be arranged and mounted to fit your exhaust configuration.


Not only does it look awesome, the split bumper and strakes help to improve the exiting airflow from the underside of the chassis. Yes, we're talking downforce.


The strakes are manufactured from 0.125" aluminum and are currently sold ready to be finished.  Mounting hardware and instructions included.


As with most of our products, these strakes are made to order, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


Optional powder coat finish available. Click HERE.


Strakes- 944 Chassis Mount Wing Bracket