Our P9 Carbon Fiber Wing measures 13.75"D x 66.5"W. Each wing is a hand laid three layer carbon fiber composite with a foam core and cured under vacuum. A 0.375" x 1" carbon fiber composite spar runs the length of the element to ensure rigidity.


 The airfoil used as the basis for our P9 wing is the proven, high down force, low drag, Selig 1223 airfoil. After tests of multiple airfoil, and countless hours of CFD testing, the S1223 was our choice. Plenty of data on the characteristics of this airfoil can be found on the web.


 Bracketry and hardware needed for installation on one of our mounts is included.


 (Our P9 Wing can also be custom ordered in lengths up to 72" and fastener locations are adjustable to meet other mounting needs. Please email requirements for pricing.)


  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


P9 Carbon Fiber Wing