The Project Nine Chassis Mount Wing Bracket, a new revolutionary modular design.


  Not only can our Chassis mount be used stand alone with one of our wing elements , but it is also used in a split bumper configuration by adding our available Strakes to the mount. 



 That's right!... A Split Bumper Porsche 944!


 In addition to the strakes, we plan to offer a Full Diffuser for use with the Chassis Mount in the near future.


  Effort was made to get the wing in a clean airstream without going overboard in height. The angle of attack of the wing is adjustable for changing downforce requirements.  To top it off, the wing can also be pivoted upward for access to the hatch.



 Mounts are manufactured of aluminum and painted in matte black.  Mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. (No Wing Included)


 Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as this is a special order product.

Due to the size and shape of the mount and its packaging, shipping via. residential carrier in not inexpensive. If you have a commercial address, please contact us for a frieght shipping quote.







944 Chassis Mount Wing Bracket